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Attorneys Answering Service

Attorney Answering Service & Phone Messaging Solutions

Rapid Response System – Don’t Miss a Call and You Won’t Miss a Lead

An Attorney Answering Service will help you to never miss another important phone call from a current client or potential new client, and instantly eliminates all those hours of your week spent responding to voice mail – all while saving money and substantially enhancing your image as a legal professional.

24/7 Phone Answering For Law Offices 

Communications is the most essential building block for attorneys, and yet it is generally the most difficult to manage. Responding to endless emails, preparing for court cases, staffing issues, and phones ringing off the hook make it even tougher. It can be nearly impossible getting a handle of all the moving parts of a successful law office.

So, knowing that any missed call can be a missed opportunity, how do you stay on top of it all? You take control with a live attorney answering service. An answering service for attorneys is staffed 24 hours a day with professional operators trained in legal intake, appointment setting, and answering your phone on demand. Lawyers simply forward their phone calls by pressing a few buttons on their telephone, and instantly remote agents answer in their business name.

An attorney answering service helps with:

Appointment Scheduling

Message taking

Chat Support

Legal Intake

Bilingual Operators

Virtual Receptionist Support


Attorneys Answering Service Prices

Virtual Receptionist For Your Law Office

Whether you’re working towards getting a new law office established, or if you’re running a flourishing practice, an attorney answering service understands that every phone call is important, and many calls are worth a lot of money. For this reason, a 24/7 answering service for law offices can provide a comprehensive list of innovative services that will help solve communication break downs.

Legal Phone Answering Service Solutions

An attorney answering service helps with:

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Messages via SMS, EMail, Text, .wav

  • Chat Support

  • Standard Response Legal Questions Answered

  • Bilingual Operators

  • 24 Hour Phone Answering


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The call center can do all this 24/7 with a warm and inviting touch. Born out of a global call center answering calls for over 4,000 attorneys across the U.S. our team will partner you with the best qualified phone answering service for your practice.

Discover how a phone answering service can use world class technology and employee training to run and grow your attorney firm. Get ahead of the law offices with exceptional client services and after hours customer support. Your law office will save money while generating more clients and sales.


All agents are US based, and deliver a multitude of solutions such as:

  • Lead Capture Services

  • Answering Customer Inquires

  • Basic Receptionist Support

  • Call Transfer – Call Patching

  • Message Taking


Increase revenue – Maximize customer satisfaction. Spend more time on the things the matter the most, like growth, new client acquisition. Oh, yes, and getting your life back sure is nice!

Affordable Pricing – As Little as $0.79/call

From flat rate pricing to pay as you go plans our solutions can meet even the most demanding budgets. What makes us unique is that we partner with a wide array of companies that specialize in 24 hour telephone answering services for attorneys. Each company is pre-screened and then matched up with your unique needs to support your legal intake receptionist service requirements. At no cost or obligation to you each vendor comes directly to you giving you back the control as they compete for your business Simply review, compare, and decide.

Lawyers Answering Service Pricing



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