Factual Demographic Data on Attorney Firms in The USA

If you’re a female or a minority looking to join a law firm may be a good starting point to understand the industries demographics by law office to determine that best place to get started. This infographic by ALM Intelligence takes in an in-depth look at several larger US based law offices and then it dives deeper into which law offices employ the highest percentage of minority attorneys, female partners, and also the law offices employing the fewest woman. It covers law office diversity rankings and shares a birds eye view of firms with the most U.S. based lawyers.

Demographic Law Firm Facts About Law Offices

The above report combines rich historical data with current real time information. Of course their are many quality smaller law firms that employ minorities and woman in equal or higher percentages. When starting a law office of your own it is critical to provide a live receptionist 24 hours a day to capture as many new clients as possible. Larger firms like the above will almost always use a call center for after after hours requests.

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