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Though live call recording is generally just an “opt in “ option whether you realize it or not, it’s generally included in the cost of your message service and there is tremendous value when recording inbound calls to an attorney’s office. If you own a law office, whether big or small, you will find multiple benefits by having your legal answering service record your messages from clients.

We have all called a customer service line and heard the phrase, “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.” Including advanced training, businesses record calls for a variety of reasons, and there are many benefits to doing so. While the preanouncement described above is not required in all states in such cases where the call center does record calls they are required to protect that information in a secure format that is password protected.

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Recording inbound client service calls is so important because it’s an opportunity for lawyer to improve in number of area.

Recording an Attorneys Calls Can:

  • Protect The Image of Your Attorney Firm. This is important because you need to know how to receptionists that are answering your phone calls sounds. You might be surprised to learn that even some of the largest  call centers use very poor judgment when hiring staff to take calls and you may end up having your calls answered by people that speak broken or improper English / Spanish or are extremely rude to callers. Few things destroy your firms image faster than the first person someone speaks with when they contact your office.

  • Recovering Missed Details Sometimes callers can rush the receptionist because to too are rushed and don’t understand that they are taking notes with a lot of detail. When the attorney answering service records calls you have the ability to log into to an online portal and grab important information that may have been missed. This could be critical to a case or even for something as simple as getting a correct phone number. Yes, more often than you may think people actually do mistakenly leave incorrect telephone numbers.

  • Improve Call Handling. Many telephone answering services allow you to set up custom call scripting that lets your caller get answers to hundreds of common questions, schedule appointments, and get directions to the business. Sometimes these call flows look real good on paper but don’t work on an actual phone call. By listening to a few recorded calls you can quickly identify flaws in the scripting and request changes to improve customer service.

  • Addressing Complaint. Eventually someone will complain about your phone message services and you bet the remote receptionist is probably going to blame the caller, and perhaps rightfully so. When calls are recorded you eliminate the blame game and you know exactly where the problem began and how to address it. Additionally when your answering service knows that you are listening to their calls they realize they are even more accountable for what they say and how they treat your clients. This ensures for a much better high quality service.

So again, this feature is not a required installment but if you’re like most attorneys having an online tool to store, monitor and review  phone calls can be highly beneficial and generally does not increase to cost of your program.

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