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Considering hiring an Attorney Answering Service? Consider this. Bankruptcy is an extremely personal matter and generally the first discussion that takes place with an attorney for legal advice will occur in private, be it at home, nights, or over the weekend. Failure to answer that initial phone call can and does result in the client hanging up and calling another attorney that has their phone answered 24×7. A professional Attorney Answering Service is a simple, yet surprisingly affordable solution to help you never miss another client. Depending on your needs we have solutions for as little as $10 a week and through our network of highly reputable call centers we can provide you with free no obligation trials and side by side price comparisons.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Answering Service

Are you a bankruptcy attorney operating a small practice and want to provide 24×7 customer service or don’t want to miss the chance of capturing any new clients? Then the answer to your problem may be to have the professional support of a 24 hour Bankruptcy Attorney Answering Service. Bankruptcy is very personal matter and generally is not something that would be discussed (even initially by phone) at the office during normal business hours of 9am to 5pm and between Monday and Friday. By having a live answering service for law firms you can take advantage of people calling with questions whenever they think of them. People often think off queries and issues when they are in the privacy of their own home, at night or pondering over a cup coffee  when something jogs their memory or raises a question in their minds. This is when they will call your office to discuss bankruptcy legal matters such as a chapter 7 or chapter 13 filing.

  • Calls Answered Live 24 x 7 x 365
  • Schedule Appointments With Clients
  • Instant Delivery and Receipt of Messages
  • Fully Customized Call Scripts
  • Free Toll-Free # Included
  • Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls
  • No Long Term Contracts

One such example is when a potential client suddenly decides to start the bankruptcy process (making initial phone calls) on Sunday morning at 7am – what can they do to contact you? This is the time when a live law office answering service yields new customers.  By knowing that they can contact you out of normal business hours means that they are satisfied instead of waiting until your office is open the following business day. They can take advantage of your after hours Legal Answering Service that is staffed by people who are knowledgeable about bankruptcy and can answer any questions your client may have. Sometimes all a person needs is some reassurance that they are doing the right thing and by having someone available for them to speak to can mean all the difference to them.

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It would not be typical business practice for a small business or even a large legal practice that specializes in bankruptcy cases to pay for a receptionist who worked while you were actually closed to answer a few calls a week. Through a service you are accessing an attorney answering service only when you need them. Clients are getting the best service you can offer them; they are happy and so are you. Your answering service is there to field calls when your clients are after an answer and it means that they won’t need to wait till after the weekend or worse a public holiday Monday to get an answer to a simple question or issue they are unsure or concerned about.

It does not take a lot to reassure an anxious client or potential client about a simple bankruptcy issue and by having an affordable answering service for attorneys you are adding tremendous value to your business and offering a more complete customer service package to your clients. You will not miss any important calls ever again as there will always be a person at the end of the line when people call your bankruptcy answering service. No matter how minor the issue is a call missed is money missed out on from a client or potential client.

Offering excellent customer service is a sure way of keeping and attracting new clients to your bankruptcy legal practice and an answering service is a solution to offering a modern and up-to-the minute services.

Have your calls answered 24×7 by a professional remote receptionist and you’ll discover for yourself how many new clients you will meet for a fraction of what you’d expect to invest.

After Hours Bankruptcy Attorney Answering Service


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