Criminal Attorney Answering Service

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Criminal Lawyer Answering Service

Considering a live answering service for your criminal law firm? Consider this, Innocent or Guilty, hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney is an extremely personal matter and generally the first discussion that takes place with an attorney for legal advice will occur in private, be it at home, nights, or over the weekend. Failure to answer that initial phone call can and does result in the client hanging up and calling another attorney that has their phone answered 24×7. A professional Attorney Answering Service is a simple, yet surprisingly affordable solution to help you never miss another client. Depending on your needs we have solutions for as little as $10 a week. Through our network of highly reputable call centers we can provide you with free no obligation trials and side by side price comparisons.

Criminal Attorney Answering Service

Nowadays to attract business to your criminal attorney office you need to have the edge over your competitors and offer the public something special and unique. Finding an affordable way to allow clients to contact you at all hours of the day, after hours, weekends and holidays could be the answer you are looking for. By using an affordable attorney answering service that clients and prospective clients can access after hours can only be a plus for your law office. It is the edge you need to get ahead. You may not receive hundreds of calls but you will receive calls that you would ordinarily have missed in absence of professional human answering your business phone live. Any missed call is a lost chance to earn money and to expand your legal practice and by offering extra services like this you will attract more calls. Additionally, for attorneys having a telephone answering service to capture calls after hours can also reduce the amount of advertising costs necessary to bring customers.

  • Calls Answered Live 24 x 7 x 365
  • Schedule Appointments With Clients
  • Instant Delivery and Receipt of Messages
  • Fully Customized Call Scripts
  • Free Toll-Free # Included
  • Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls
  • No Long Term Contracts

A criminal attorney specializes in the defence of individuals and businesses that have been charged with some form of criminal conduct and most callers facing something that personal that call an attorney only to reach a telephone answering machine will hang up and try calling another law office to speak with a human. They will call around until they find a real caring person to talk to. It may not be that they need much, just a bit of information or clarification of how to proceed, but they will call, and you need to ready when they do. Having an after hours attorney answering service means that clients with a query can be answered immediately and not risk losing them to a competitor. Sometimes all a person is after is a little reassurance that their personal needs are being taken care of and they will be happy then to wait until you re-open after the weekend or public holiday.

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Especially for a new or small office it may not be feasible to afford to have a full time receptionist work long hours each day or even overnight and all weekend but by having a live answering service they are still able to call when they need to. A 24×7 professional attorney answering service generally cost about 10% of what you’d pay a full time in house receptionist and no one usually can tell the difference. You will not miss any calls again with your own remote receptionist service available to your clients. Perhaps you have sent your receptionist away from the office to ask a client some questions, you are busy with a different client and there is no one available to answer the phone. This could be a corporate client who needs to talk with you or he may take his business elsewhere. If you have a 24 hour answering service he is able to get in contact and leave a message or ask a question and you won’t lose a valuable client.

People expect superior customer service nowadays so you need to be that place offering great customer services that is available every day of the week and every hour of the day. You will keep your loyal clients and may even attract even more by word of mouth when you can be contacted any time. Many people may need your services late at night or on a public holiday or long weekend and they will call you if they know they get to talk to a real person.

Have all legal calls answered 24×7 by a professional remote receptionist and you’ll discover for yourself how many new clients you will meet for a fraction of what you’d expect to invest.

24x7 Attorney Answering Service

For Criminal Law September 6, 2013