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Considering hiring an Attorney Answering Service? Consider this. An after hours Lawyer Answering Service can offer a tremendous amount of benefits to lawyers and legal professionals of all types. Most law firms report an immediate increase in new customers which are captured after hours when potential clients are calling in while other attorneys with new offices will say it is a solution to saving money on a full time receptionist, but there are many other reasons a remote receptionist can offer value to nearly any law office. The unique industry of law requires a legal answering service that is available 24 hours a day and employees operators with a base line understanding of legal terminology.  Our team and our partners understand the industry of law and the importance of delicately handling incoming calls from clients seeking legal advice on bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury and other legal matters. We can help you with a skilled remote receptionist that will act as a perfect extension of your law firm and flawlessly help you manage your clients both existing and new.

After Hours Lawyer Answering Service

When you or an in-house receptionist can’t answer the phone there’s no better solution than using an Attorney Answering Service that answer your calls with cheerful yet highly professional voice. In business image is everything and no attorney wants to answer his or her own calls if impacts the way a potential client may view their success or ability to handle their case. When you outsource your inbound call answering you’ll get the look and feel of even the largest law offices. Your callers will be impressed at the level of service you provide even after hours and you can relax while our top notch service takes care of your clients.

  • Medical Calls Answered 24×7
  • Schedule Appointments With Patients
  • Real Time Message Delivery
  • HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service
  • Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls
  • No Long Term Contracts

Legal Answering Service Saves Clients

The overwhelming majority of lawyers that use an attorney answering service will insist that they discovered that even missing a few calls after hours would cost them new clients (new revenue) and simply by using an after hours lawyers answering service was enough to pay for the entire service and then some.

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Make a Great First Impression With an Answering Service For General Practice Attorneys

We can assist with live call recording solutions and 24/7 message access so you’ have access to message now matter how you prefer to get them. Now that you have set up your legal practice and began your marketing strategy have you thought about other ways to connect to clients? You want to make sure that you never miss a call from a client or from a potential client. This means that you won’t lose any business and the best way to avoid missing a call is to have a 24 hour answering service for lawyers. You are offering your clients an extra level of service as they can contact you after hours with any questions or issues that may be raised. You could be in court, on another call or away from the office with no one else to take a telephone call but – your telephone answering service is there to make certain that all calls will connect with you.

A Legal Virtual Receptionist Gives Peace of Mind!

Often people will have a query or an issue that will arise on a weekend or over the holidays and they will worry about it until they can talk to their attorney about it. By having an Answering Service for legal professionals they are able to make contact with you as soon as the issue arises and it may put their mind to rest about any related issues. They can also get advice immediately on an accident situation about what they should do and how they should proceed with the other party about insurance details and so forth. Your client will feel so much better and also relieved knowing that you are available for advice any day of the week and at any time of the day.

24x7 Attorney Answering Service

Attorneys Need to Get Free From The Desk!

Many people who call a general practice or niche attorney will hang up as soon as they realize they have reached a telephone answering machine. They are not interested in leaving a message about their personal legal matter and waiting for a call the next day. By having a live lawyers answering service you are providing an extra level of customer service that clients will really appreciate. Customer service is the most efficient way to keep and to attract customers or clients to your attorney practice. You need to offer an extra service that your competitors may not be offering.

By using an affordable lawyers answering service you are offering an extra level of service so people are able to contact any time that they need to. Also if people from out of the local calling area need to contact you for any reason they need not worry about the time zones and changes across the country.

By providing this exemplary service to clients you are providing them with a quality 24×7 customer service solution. Have your calls answered 24×7 by a Virtual Receptionist Service trained in handling legal call situations and you’ll discover for yourself all the benefits that attorneys in all types of practice have grown to rely on.

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