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Answering Service For Law Firms

After Hours Law Firm Answering Service Affordable Nationwide Answering Service for Law Firms

24×7 Attorney Answering Service is committed to helping law firms access professional speaking telephone answering services that specialize in legal intake and offer a full line after hours customer support solutions for lawyers seeking highly competitive market prices without compromising quality.

Peace of Mind That Frees Up an Attorneys Time

Law firm answering services today are considerably different than that of what you would have experienced even just a few years ago and if it can be done by your own employee the odds are it can be done by a remote receptionist, and for much less.

Telephone Answering Service for Law Firms

  • Every Call is answered in your business name and all scripting is fully customized for a look and feel of our virtual receptionist as being your own in house employee that is highly trained and knowledgeable of your firms services.

  • Simply forward your existing local number to our office with the touch a few buttons – 24 Hours a day and you’re covered.

  • Operators can give directions, explain your services, confirm court dates, and use a web based calendar to set appointments according to your schedule.

  • Totally customized message handling solutions that will amaze even the largest law practices. Want all messages from existing customers emailed but new customers transferred to your cell phone? Do you prefer that calls between some hours go to one attorney while they are transferred to a different attorney at other times of the day? No problem. How about having your agent track down other attorneys when one does not answer a transferred call? Just tell us what you want, you might be surprised at today’s technology in the call center world.

  • Multiple message retrieval options. Get your legal messages by text to cell phone, email or a secure online web based application. On the other hand if you prefer to receive your telephone messages by fax or  by calling in and speaking with your personal remote receptionist, that’s fine too.

  • Track usage and billing in live time and control your bill. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. You can use the services part time, after hours, 24 hours a day or simply for your call overflow needs.

One Chance For Attorneys to Make a First Impression

Phone Answering Support For Law OfficesNeed an answering service in your local area? As cliché as it may sound you really do only have one opportunity to make a first impression and something as small as answering your own phone can have serious implications to your image as a successful lawyer. Moreover, there is nothing worse than getting a voice mail service when calling a law firm during normal business hours which be no doubt be cause for a very negative first impression. By having a telephone answering service for your legal office you always have a cheerful, highly professional receptionist answer every call in a timely manner including after hours, weekends and holidays.

An Investment Most Legal Offices Should Make

Not every attorney can afford a full time receptionist with benefits and whether you use a law firm answering service for standard business hours or to handle phone calls during the evening or on weekends a service always pays for itself. Unlike an hourly employee you generally will only pay a service for actual time spent talking with your clients so if you only expected a few call a week then your investment could be as little as $10 a week, or more for higher call levels. Most attorneys will agree that simply capturing just one new customer has the potential to pay for as much as six months of their attorney answering service investment.

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Lowest Pricing For Virtual Legal Receptionist Service

Every law office has different needs from an answering service. One may require simple tasks and call answering which should be less costly than one which handles the deeper, more complex duties of a virtual legal receptionist. We look at your individual business needs to determine things like will you need appointment setting services, payment processing, or for agents to access your website and complete online forms. Next we match your legal practice needs up to our pre-screened call centers and then bring them directly to you. You’ll be able to review each call centers list of services and prices for attorney answering services. After that simply review, compare, and decide.

 Legal Office Answering Service

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