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Affordable Rapid Response and Message System – Don’t Miss a Call and You Won’t Miss a Lead

An Attorney Answering Service will help you to never miss another important phone call from a current client or potential new client and instantly eliminates all those hours of your week spent responding to voice mail – all while saving money and substantially enhancing your image as a legal professional.

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Check MarkIf you need your law firm to have a professional, yet affordable answering service for when the attorneys are unavailable or working with clients and important cases at hand. Trust only an expert in this field!

Check MarkWhy keep bothering your staff with phone calls when you could get a friendly virtual receptionist to take the call for you? You can design a custom virtual office website where people can search through all eligible attorneys and contact them by chat or email.

Check MarkIn today’s busy world, it is more important than ever that companies are finding ways to cut costs while still providing quality service. One way this has been achieved in many industries is outsourcing customer support services like answering phones and taking messages so employees at an organization don’t have to do these tasks during their workday which leaves them available for other responsibilities such as research, analysis, data entry, etc.

Check MarkWhen you use an attorney answering service, your practice can focus on what it does best. With the assistance of a professional operator to handle incoming calls and inquiries from clients or other attorneys, you’ll be free to shift away from tedious phone work so that you may spend more time in courtrooms preparing for important cases – instead of fielding questions about past due balances one by one.

Check MarkOne of the best ways to save money when needing a lawyer is by using an answering service. You can find some great deals for rates as low at $0.78 per call and have your calls be answered quickly, accurately, and personally with only one phone number that everyone in need dials into!

Phone Answering For Law Offices 

Communications is the most essential building block for attorneys, and yet it is generally the most difficult to manage. Responding to endless emails, preparing for court cases, staffing issues, and phones ringing off the hook make it even tougher. It can be nearly impossible to get a handle on all the moving parts of a successful law office.

So, knowing that any missed call can be a missed opportunity, how do you stay on top of it all? You take control with a live attorney answering service. An answering service for attorneys is staffed 24 hours a day with professional operators trained in legal intake, appointment setting, and answering your phone on demand. Lawyers simply forward their phone calls by pressing a few buttons on their telephone, and instantly remote agents answer in their business name.


  • Appointment Scheduling Services
  • 24/7 Hour Message Taking – No Missed Leads
  • Chat Support Legal Intake
  • Bilingual Support – Support For Spanish Callers

First impressions mean everything for legal firms. Let us help!

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Reliable Answering Services For Law Offices

24-7 Phone Answering Sevice For Law Offices

Legal emergencies don’t just happen between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. That when an after hours answering service for attorneys can help.

So unless you’re planning on hiring a receptionist for 24-hours a day, using only an in-person receptionist could mean missing calls from the people who need you most.

There’s a reason availability is considered a hallmark of the lawyers of the future. Because being available when your clients need you isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s sometimes a matter of life-and-death. A remote receptionist can handle legal intake and even set appointments via your online calendar.

That’s why most answering services for law offices remain available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Though this varies from provider to provider, we can say with absolute certainty that a quality call center is available 24-hours-a-day.


Affordable Attorney Answering Service

There are many areas of the law, and your customer service strategy needs to be tailored to what exactly your clients want.

Divorce law is different than corporate law, but the clients are also in different states on each subject. Divorce law is an emotionally messy process between individuals, corporate law is a formalized and logical process between institutions.

If an attorney answering service treats these two areas as the same, they risk alienating your clients by being too cavalier about their needs.

Our call center partners offer specific law office answering services ranging from bankruptcy law to criminal law. Spanish speaking answering services for attorneys are also available to reach the increasingly bilingual clientele in all areas of law.

Compare Attorney Answering Service Cost

Calculate The Cost of Attorney Answering Services Depending on what your needs are, you will be looking at different pricing quotes when you use an attorney answering service.

The two factors you need to consider with pricing for these services are both quality and quantity.

If you end up with a large volume of inbound calls one week, that week will be quite a bit pricier than a slow week where only a couple of calls come in.

Changing the way inbound calls are transferred (patching vs messaging,) along with deciding whether or not to provide appointment-setting services also impact how much you’re paying.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing mechanism. The only other thing we’ll say is that you pay for what you get, and with our attorney answering service you never pay too much. The best solution is to compare prices and solutions from up to 5 call centers.

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Screening The Attorneys Calls

People are obsessed with eliminating telemarketing calls to their business, and for good reason.

Telemarketers and personal calls are more than just an obnoxious distraction. If you own a law office, they’re also productivity Kryptonite. Letting one of these calls come in when you could be taking more important calls from actual customers can destroy your business if you aren’t careful.

One upside to using a paid service for incoming calls to your business is that these calls can be screened right away. That means no more waiting to hear a message, or putting your foot down for five minutes to get a pushy telemarketer off of the phone.

Don’t waste time telling people you’re not interested in a new vacuum. You’re a lawyer: you have more important things to worry about. Your 24/7 answering service can help

Attorney Answering Services Provide Efficiency For Law Offices

If you hire a receptionist, you can expect to pay the hourly wage of that receptionist for his or her entire workday.

Remote Receptionist For Attorney OfficeThat pay will be the same regardless of the number of incoming calls or even the importance of calls that come in. Sure, you can provide a bonus for a particularly busy week or month (in the event of, let’s say, a big case,) but for the most part this simply isn’t worth it.

The most efficient way to spend money on incoming calls is to pay only for the calls that come in and are dealt with. And that’s where you can benefit from using an attorney answering service.

You’ll be paying based on the volume of incoming calls to your business. Instead of paying for the amount of time spent waiting for a call, your spending is all about your needs and benefit from the service, not simply an arbitrary hourly number with no impact on your bottom line.

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Basic Inquiries Solved By The Virtual Receptionist

Most calls that come into your law firm aren’t going to be about urgent cases that need to be handled immediately. They’re going to be mundane matters about availability, consultation, and other matters for which a one-size-fits-all answer can be given. A virtual receptionist answering calls remotely can help.

This puts a lot of business owners, in law or otherwise, in quite a bit of a conundrum.

If you don’t answer these calls, you’re missing out on a ton of potential customers. You’re also reflecting poorly on your image as a business: if you can’t answer mundane questions about availability for consultation or basic paperwork, how can you handle a case?

So the answer is to answer all of these calls personally, right?

Not exactly. Doing that can be a major time drain on your performance of sensitive and important work, and a large number of small calls during the day can add up.

Attorney answering services provide a quick and easy way to answer these calls.

Missed Calls are Missed Sales

Missed calls will kill you in the legal business.

Missed CallWhen somebody genuinely needs a lawyer, they need one now.

If you can’t get to your existing clients, you may lose them. And if you can’t get to potential clients, someone else will.

The all-day availability of an answering service for lawyers means you can get to important calls no matter what time it is. It isn’t an easy job, but most lawyers don’t join the business for free time.

This is why an attorney answering service makes good business sense!

They can make your business more convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use for an affordable price.

Picking out an attorney answering service isn’t easy. We can help by helping you compare prices and get the most bang for your buck out of it.

Let us give you quoted that’ll help you decide which call center rates are the best in the market.

Cheap Pricing – As Little as $0.79/call

From flat-rate pricing to pay-as-you-go plans our solutions can meet even the most demanding budgets. What makes us unique is that we partner with a wide array of companies that specialize in 24-hour telephone answering services for attorneys. Each company is pre-screened and then matched up with your unique needs to support your legal intake receptionist service requirements. At no cost or obligation to you, each vendor comes directly to you giving you back the control as they compete for your business Simply review, compare, and decide.

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