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10 Benefits and Reasons to Use an Attorney Answering Service

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Before getting into the benefits of a law firm answering service it’s important to understand what an answering service actually is. Not to be remotely confused with an answering machine, an answering service is a professional business that receives and answers telephone calls for its clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Essentially, the virtual receptionist service acts as the middleman between the caller and the attorney, and it is generally very difficult to tell the difference between an actual in-house receptionist and an outsourced answering service for attorneys.

Answering services are beneficial for every industry, from lawyers, to plumbers, to doctors’ offices. Here are ten undisputable reasons why every attorney should consider using an answering service:

1.) You’re far less likely to miss calls from clients. With an answering service, a customer can contact you at any point, day or night. This means whether you’re in court, with clients, or taking some well-deserved time off – your clients will still receive world class service. This speaks volumes for your commitment to tending to potential and current clients. Moreover, lost customers are lost revenue and often time a single call captured pays for a monthly service ten times over.

2.) An Attorney Answering Service can answer basic questions for potential clients on behalf of the law firm that are quick and simple, preventing interruption to more important business matters. From directions, to appointment confirmations or scheduling, and more a service fills a huge void for a small fraction of what an on staff employ with benefits would cost.

3.) Less interruption. When you’re most busy, the ringing phone can become a distraction, and, unlike a cell phone, you can’t just turn it off. This can be a real problem when you have pressing matters that require your attention but also can’t afford to lose customers to the voice mail system. That could result in loss of clients and bad business.

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4.) An answering service for law offices caters to your needs. There are two main types of answering services that attorneys can choose from: a live answering service, or an Internet answering service. Each offers additional features for customization that can service your clients whether they are calling in or attempting to chat with you via your website.

5.) It can help retain customers. Everyday, people lose business due to a gap in communication. People tend to get frustrated if they can’t speak to a human or have to leave a voicemail. If a potential client cannot reach you right away, they will move on to the next law office.

6.) Keeps you more organized by answering the phone, writing down tons of messages, and trying to keep track of every phone call. You don’t have to handle so many messages on your desk or keep a log of phone calls. All messages can be emailed, sent by text message and are also held for up to one year and accessed by a secure log-in portal that lets you find and manage messages with ease.

7.) An answering service for attorneys is more flexible than a receptionist. Unlike a receptionist, live answering services can never have a sick day or paid time off. It’s working for you 24/7, or as much as you want it to.

8.) In addition to its flexibility, an answering service can be less expensive because, unlike having a receptionist answer your calls, you only pay for actions taken by the remote receptionist service provider; many answering services charge on a per call answered basis.

9.) Agents at answering services are trained to be compliant with data protection laws, such as HIPAA, FACTA and COPPA, and the Data Protection Directive. This ensures that an attorney’s phone calls are private and protected to the fullest extent of the law.

10.) An answering service focuses on one thing only: answering your calls. There are no other duties they need to perform, ensuring that you get what you pay for and the job is done efficiently.

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