7 Undeniable Ways an Attorney Answering Service Makes Your Firm Money

How an Attorney Answering Service Delivers Benefits and a huge ROI

It’s true – an attorney answering service will make your firm money. We’re sharing 7 ways it’ll lead to savings, and why it’s time to look into it.

Are you ready to take your firm’s productivity and revenue to the next level?

Then registering for an answering service for your law office is the perfect solution.

A 2015 poll of 220 global legal professionals revealed that almost 80% are struggling to be productive. This surprising statistic reveals that many attorneys are finding it challenging to meet their firms’ demands.

With an Attorney Answering Service the call center can lighten the heavy load of a busy attorney. This type of service will drastically improve a lawyer’s productiveness by streamlining their client communication needs.

Let’s look at seven ways an attorney answering service can make your firm more money.

How It Works

So how does a live attorney answering operator work?

It’s a virtual receptionist who specializes in answering phone calls in the legal industry. There will always be someone around to answer your phone.

Out of the office in court or swamped with a deposition? Or maybe you’re simply busy with a client on the other line?

With a service like this, you’re sure to never miss another call. Your firm will be providing excellent client support.

Having this kind of support will ultimately lead your business to increased productivity and cash flow.

How An Attorney Answering Service Will Make Your Firm Money

Let’s get into how having an attorney answering service can increase your firm’s profits:

1. No More Missed Calls

It’s no secret that attorneys are extremely busy professionals. Constantly being in and out of the office often leads to missed phone calls.

Each lost caller could potentially have been a new client, increasing your firm’s bottom line. With an attorney answering service, you don’t have to worry about missing calls and losing revenue anymore.

Does your practice tend to receive more calls after regular office house? Missing them is costing you money.

With a live answering service, you’ll have 24-hour support. Prospective clients can always reach you during or after business hours.

Another great feature is that you’ll never have to put someone on hold again. Whenever someone calls, they’ll be greeted by a live operator, even if you’re on another call.

2. You’ll Be Able To Respond Quicker

Legal issues are time sensitive and can change at the drop of a dime. A successful attorney needs to be kept up to speed on the all latest developments in their cases.

Clients also appreciate an attorney who is consistently responsive to their legal issues. Focused and personalized service translates into referrals and satisfied clientele.

Here’s how the responsiveness of an attorney answering service can benefit specific types of attorneys:

  • If you’re a personal injury attorney…

    Accidents can happen at any time, including after business hours. With an after hours attorney service, you will be accessible to potential new personal injury clients at all times.

  • If you’re a bankruptcy attorney…

    Bankruptcy is an extremely personal matter. Many clients would rather receive legal advice after hours and in private. These customers may also think of queries later in the day from the privacy of their home.

    A live answering attorney service will allow potential clients to reach you at their convenience. You’ll be sure to get that first call before someone else does.

  • If you’re a criminal attorney…

    A criminal case is another sensitive matter for a potential or existing client to discuss.

    If you’re unreachable for that initial phone call, the client will hang up and reach out to another attorney.

    With an answering service for law firms new and old clients can reach you at the most pressing moments. Your firm will be sure to grab any new clients before your competition.

One survey revealed 87% of clients will replace their current firm if given good reason. Most respondents listed poor communication as a key factor.

This is proof that excellent communication with clientele is crucial.

3. Experienced Legal Staff Helps Firms Prioritize

When you hire an attorney answering service you’re getting specialized legal support for your firm.

Skilled live operators are trained and tested on legal terminology and client situations. Their expertise enables them to receive and screen important details from prospective clients.

This allows attorneys to prioritize calls and better manage their time. We ensure that the most important calls get through to you as needed. Improved time management will result in higher revenue for your office.

4. Less Interruptions

If you enlist an attorney answering service, you’re hands will be free from menial personal tasks.

You’ll have more free time to do your law work and greater productivity for sales. Gone are the days of attorneys serving as their own receptionists.

5. Attorney Answering Services Are Cheaper Staffing

Bringing a full time receptionist onto your firm’s team is not a cheap decision. What if you only need part-time assistance?

Hiring an attorney answering service is a cost-effective way to manage your client communication. You’ll have options such as paying for an operator by the minute or by the call.

This can help your firm cut out any unnecessary staffing costs.

Already have an on staff secretary? A live answering service is a great option while your receptionist is on leave.

6. Bi-lingual Services Mean Greater Customer Reach

An Attorney Answering Service also offers operators fluent in Spanish. We recognize the Hispanic community is a growing customer base important to law firm business and profits.

If a Spanish-speaking client contacts your firm, not speaking their language can result in lost revenue. A bi-lingual staff will ensure your firm effectively connects with these customers as well.

7. Virtual Assistants Improve Efficiency

Remote work is an increasing means of conducting business around the globe.

Lawyers who advance into the world of virtual assistance will become exponentially more efficient and profitable.

Let’s Grow Your Firm

Attorney answering services are an invaluable feature for today’s law firms. From taking messages to handling scheduling, you can be sure your business is in the best hands when you’re unavailable.

Answering services are a great way to make sure a friendly voice greets your clients’ calls. We can help you to ensure that communication between attorneys and clients is never broken.

Ready to boost your firm’s profit and productivity higher?

Bring us on your team.

An Attorney Answering Service will work by your side to make your firm’s customer support a complete success.

Benefits February 23, 2017