How Much Does an Answering Service For Attorneys Cost?

Compare Prices For Attorneys Answering ServiceIf you operate a law firm and need to hire a professional attorney answering service you should plan to invest approximately $35 a week to have all of your calls handled. Of course this depends on your practices exact needs, and if you’re like most lawyers the following is a fair description of one of three categories your law office falls into. Your legal firm is losing potential clients to digital voice mail, your image is impaired by not having a live receptionist answer your calls during normal business hours, or your phone is ringing off the hook and you need someone to handle overflow calls or calls that come in after hours and while you’re in court. Regardless of which category you fall into this post will help you figure out what it cost for an attorney answering service.

Rates vary depending on needs and can run as little as $0.68 per call for basic call handling to as much as $2.50 a call for a total receptionist service that can do everything an employee could.

What’s Your Call Volume Like? Like any business no one can offer unlimited service for a flat price so be cautious of anyone offer unlimited calls for a low price. The amount of calls your legal answering service takes will largely dictate your prices. Higher call volumes warrant better pricing per call or per minute. Breaks on price usually start at around 200 calls a month.

What Kinds of Services Will Your Law Firm Require From The Answering Service? For some attorneys the primary purpose of outsourcing calls to an answering service is to make certain a live person talks with potential clients 24×7, and in such cases only basic call handling is needed and thus the costs are easily controlled. On the other hand some law offices require the inbound call center to schedule appointments, complete online forms, capture email addresses, or even offer a total legal intake service. This type of program can quickly add up to a good $3.00 call, depending on total volume and the company used.

Because there are so many virtual receptionist services we highly recommend that you use a single point of contact to get standard pricing and services offered from at least 3 suppliers that have been fully operating and serving the legal industry for a minimum of 2 years. We offer this service free of charge and think you’ll get the best price and save as much as 25% off the answering service with less time and effort.

Compare Cost of Attorney Answering Service Prices

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