8 Attorney Advertising Tips You Need to Have

Are you an attorney looking to advertise your practice and find new clients? If so, you needs these tips to run and grow your law office.

Attorney Lawyer Business Cards Hire Legal Help 3d IllustrationThe legal field, like the medical field, is filled with numerous high-level professionals that are always in high demand. What this means is that you can’t rely on skills alone to set yourself a part from your competition.

You need a brand, a vision and the tools to get yourself out to the public to make them trust you with their most pressing legal matters.

There are eight tried and true tips for attorney advertising that you must follow to make this a reality.

Let’s dive into these tips below, so that you can begin increasing your brand recognition and revenue today.

#1: Hire A Professional That Is Versed In Attorney Advertising

As your law firm grows, so too should your advertising budget.

You can’t cut corners when it comes to advertising your services, so start taking bids from some firms near you. However, don’t just hire any advertising firm — hire a firm that understands the nuances of attorney advertising.

Don’t just arbitrarily bring in a firm — map out your current standing and set some achievable benchmarks for growth.

The needs that you determine when you sit down with your inner circle and an advertising firm will dictate the level of service that you need. From here, you’ll create an attorney advertising budget and will be on your way toward bringing in a firm that can do the heavy lifting for you.

Shop around for these prices until you’re satisfied with the asking price and the level of service you receive.

A small shop might expect to pay between approximately $500 and $1,300 monthly on advertising services, while a firm with more expansive needs might pay as much as $8,000 monthly.

#2: Provide Free, Valuable Content On A Regular Basis

ValueWhen it comes to advertising, it’s all about giving free content on the front end and selling services later.

Some attorneys make the mistake of aggressively pushing their services, without first offering value. With the internet at your disposal, there’s no reason not to connect with your audience with loads of free content.

For instance, you can create YouTube videos, b, og posts and eBooks that will teach the public not just about your services, but the law as a whole.

If you’re an auto accident attorney, post plenty of advice that will help people who are dealing with this situation. By giving plenty of free content, you establish yourself as an authority.

With this authority established, people will be glad and willing to turn to you once they need more in depth legal help.

Wrap your mind around building this connect first and converting sales will become easy.

#3: Steer Clear Of Unethical Advertising

Let’s face it — next to used car salesmen, attorneys get the worst rep when it comes to slimy, unethical service.

Whether deserved or not, this a perception that you’ll be fighting against, so don’t feed into it with unethical advertising.

One of the main unethical practices that attorneys engage in is sending out letters designed to invoke fear, or with misleading information.

For instance, some attorneys research a person’s debt and make it seem as though action is being taken, and the only way to resolve it is to hire their firm specifically.

While these practices might work, it’s not worth the hit on your reputation in the long run.

Avoid these tactics and resolve to create business through actual connections and value.

#4: Stick To Social Media Outlets

Social MediaSocial media is where most web users congregate. Because of this, you need to have a presence that will bring in the customers that you need.

Set up an account on LinkedIn, so that you’re taken seriously as a professional and able to network with other legal specialists. Use Twitter to get the word out about your content and to engage in conversations 140 characters at a time.

Google+ is also an excellent social media platform for lawyers, due to high-level engagement through circles, privacy and easy mobile use.

You’re leaving money on the table when social media isn’t a huge part of your attorney advertising strategy.

#5: Hone The Details By Focusing On A Niche

You really make your name as an attorney when you become an expert at a specific niche.

Get creative when it comes to figuring out your passion and expertise. For instance, a family law attorney might hone in on specific areas like father’s rights or child support.

This niche informs the content creation and attorney advertising strategies.

By owning your niche, your customers are more likely to see you as a trustworthy authority.

#6: Make Personal Referrals Your Bread And Butter

Without question, personal referrals will always be the most important part of your business.

Technology is simply a vessel for personal connection. Don’t get so lost in tactics that you forget to foster personal referrals.

Studies show that people trust personal referrals 84 percent of the time and take action on them 67 percent of the time. The key to this is providing service so stellar that people can’t help but tell their friends and family about it.

Make sure that you have a stellar answering service that can take messages and track referrals for you.

#7: Cultivate Your Personality And Form A Connection

Personality MattersWhile the internet has perhaps made business less personal, people crave personal connections more than ever.

Customers now want to know what charities business owners donate to, their personal mission and what sort of lifestyle they lead. The brand you build is just as important as the work you conduct.

Because of this, you need to get used to speaking your vision and figuring out what makes you unique. Constantly work on your communication skills, so that you’re able to express yourself at all times and in different formats.

#8: Make Search Engine Optimization A Priority

Search engine optimization is critical because it helps people find your website passively.

You’ll need to use keywords that help people in your area find you without having to do a lot of digging. If you’re planning to hire an advertising firm, ask about their legal SEO experience and get an idea of their ROI and conversion rates.

Reflect And Assess

Now that you see some key legal advertising tips, assess your firm to see where you’re falling short.

When you put together these eight tips, you’ll notice a tremendous uptick in your business and revenue. When you fail to use these tips, you’re leaving potential business on the table.

Put these tips into action and reach out to a legal answering service that can help perfect your communication and customer service.

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