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How To Turn Call Forwarding On From Mobile Phone | Verizon

A lot of attorneys forward their calls from their mobile phones to a live answering service. This guide explains how to forward incoming phone calls to a different number.

Instant Call Forwarding

All incoming calls are instantly forwarded to the designated phone number instead of your cell phone.

  1. On the keypad dial *72, then dial the 10-digit phone number you want to forward your calls to (e.g., *72-555-555-1234).
  2. Do not hang up until you hear a few beeps. If you hang up prior to that your calls will not be forwarded. This process almost always works, but if it doesn’t, you can also enable a feature called “Immediate Call Forwarding” by visiting your account at My Verizon.

Conditional Call Forwarding

Conditional call forwarding allows you to have incoming calls go straight to your answering machine or forward to another number, whenever the device is: Busy (you are on a call), unanswered, or unable to be heard because it’s too noisy for the reception.

This means that if someone tries calling and can’t get through because there was no signal from their phone company then all they’ll be immediately forwarded to a predetermined phone number, such as the one you would use an attorney answering service.

  1. On your keypad, dial *71, and then type the 10-digit number you want to forward your calls to (e.g., *71-555-555-1234).
  2. Wait until you hear a few beeps before hanging up. Once you hear the beeps you have successfully set up conditional call forwarding. If you don’t have your mobile phone, or the *71 feature doesn’t work, you can also activate Conditional Call Forwarding by visiting your account at My Verizon.

If you receive a successful message from Verizon, it’s important to test that the call forwarding is working by calling your cell phone using another device. If this doesn’t work and there are no other problems with service on either end of the conversation (such as dropped calls), then try turning off conditional call forwarding again before trying to activate for activation once more in hopes of getting through successfully this time around.

To turn off conditional call forwarding from your Verizon cell phone, simply punch in *73 and press call. Listen for a successful message stating that the feature has been deactivated.

If you are experiencing difficulty setting up or turning off call forwarding, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

If you have any difficulty doing this, simply dial *611 from your mobile phone for 24-hour automated support from Verizon

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