Characteristics Of Poor Customer Service

Characteristics Of Poor Customer Service

With one negative service experience, you may lose a client. Customer service is a habit that your employees should develop to make it a part of their ongoing dealings. There are certain mistakes that can challenge your customer service practices, putting your reputation at stake and making your business vulnerable to loss. In this article, we have pointed out a few common mistakes that are often committed by employees involved in customer service.

  • Employees often do not bother to greet clients when they enter the company’s premises. A client who is not welcomed with a warm greeting will not get a feel that he/ she is respected by the company.
  • Some executives avoid making eye contact with clients during a conversation. Such people send out a negative signal to others involved in the conversation and they may even be portrayed as ‘dishonest’ by people who interact with them directly.
  • When things go wrong, many customer care executives do not allow their customers to vent out their frustration. Shouting at customers is a crime and unfortunately, many customer care executives fail to realize that customer service is all about demonstrating high levels of patience during difficult situations.
  • Customers are not interested to know about your personal plans. Employees often engage in personal conversation with each other in the presence of their customers. Ask a customer about his business or areas of interest and he will appreciate your gestures.
  • The words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ have the power to make meaningful impacts on business-client relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes, executives do not remember to make use of these words in a generous way.
  • Putting a call on hold without letting the client know about it is unprofessional behavior. Your customers call you when they need help and when they receive silence in return they are most likely to hang up.
  • During hard-to-manage situations, employees often adopt an escapist -attitude and hang up on frustrated customers. If you find it difficult to calm down abusive customers, you may introduce your manager to the scene. Hanging up on a customer is not a good idea.
  • Many employees often choose to adopt a lighter attitude towards customer service and often engage in unprofessional activities, such as eating, when the customer is somewhere around. Watching others having lunch is not a pleasant experience and hence, it is a better idea to use your break rooms for lunch or snacking sessions.

However bad you may feel your company is, you should never complain about your company to your customers. You will lose the customer and your company will earn a bad reputation in the market.

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