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Getting Started with an Attorney Answering Service in 5 Easy Steps

The legal profession is known for its demanding hours and the constant juggle between court appointments, client meetings, and paperwork. With so much on their plate, attorneys often find it challenging to manage incoming calls and ensure that no client is left unanswered. This is where an attorney answering service can be a game-changer. Not only does it ensure that all calls are professionally handled, but it also allows lawyers to focus on their core tasks without distractions. If you’re considering such a service for your legal practice, here’s a simple guide to get you started in five easy steps.


Step 1: Determine Your Needs

Before you dive into the world of attorney answering services, it’s essential to understand your specific needs.

  • Call Volume: Start by assessing the average number of calls you receive daily. This will help you choose a service package that aligns with your call volume.
  • Type of Calls: Are the calls general inquiries, appointment requests, or potential client intakes? Knowing the nature of the calls will allow the service to be better prepared.
  • After-Hours Requirement: Consider if you need the service to handle calls outside of regular office hours, including weekends and holidays.

Step 2: Research and Select a Reputable Provider

There are numerous answering services available, but not all cater specifically to attorneys. It’s crucial to choose a provider familiar with the legal industry’s nuances.

  • Look for providers with good reviews, especially from other legal professionals.
  • Ensure the service is trained in legal terminologies and understands the importance of client confidentiality.
  • Check if they offer specialized training for their staff to handle legal calls.

Step 3: Setup and Customization

Once you’ve chosen a service, it’s time to set up and customize it according to your preferences.

  • Provide a script or guidelines on how calls should be answered.
  • Share a FAQ list to help the service address common client inquiries.
  • Determine a process for urgent calls, ensuring they’re directed to the appropriate person swiftly.
  • Decide on how you’d like the call details to be forwarded – via email, text, or another method.

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Step 4: Train the Service on Your Practice’s Specifics

Every legal practice is unique, with different specialties and ways of operating. Spend some time training the service about your firm.

  • Enlighten them about your areas of expertise, be it family law, criminal defense, or corporate law.
  • Clarify any specific terms or jargons unique to your practice.
  • Establish a clear protocol for potential client intakes, ensuring they gather all necessary information.

Step 5: Monitor and Feedback

After the initial setup, it’s essential to monitor the service’s performance to ensure it meets your expectations.

  • Regularly review the call logs and listen to some of the recorded conversations.
  • Provide feedback on areas of improvement.
  • Consider conducting occasional client surveys to gauge their satisfaction level with the call handling.

An attorney answering service can be an invaluable asset for legal professionals, ensuring that every call is answered promptly and professionally. By following the steps outlined above, you can set up a service that aligns with your practice’s needs and delivers an exceptional experience for your clients. It’s not just about answering calls; it’s about creating a lasting impression and building trust with each client interaction.


What Does an Attorney Answering Service Do?

When most people hear the term “answering service,” they might think of a simple call center handling basic phone inquiries. But an attorney answering service is much more specialized. Here’s a breakdown of what these services typically offer to legal professionals:

  1. Client Intake Process: One of the primary functions is managing new client intakes. They gather necessary details from potential clients, such as their personal information, nature of the legal issue, and any other relevant details. This initial screening can save attorneys significant time.
  2. Appointment Scheduling: These services can manage an attorney’s calendar, setting up consultations or other meetings, and ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts.
  3. General Inquiries: Answering general questions about the law firm, its services, working hours, and more is a basic function. This ensures that attorneys aren’t disrupted by these routine queries.
  4. Urgent Call Routing: In the legal world, emergencies can arise unexpectedly. Whether it’s a client in distress or a sudden legal development, the service can identify urgent calls and route them to the designated attorney immediately.
  5. After-Hours Support: Law doesn’t adhere to a strict 9-to-5 schedule. For clients who might need assistance or have inquiries outside of regular office hours, many attorney answering services offer after-hours support.
  6. Secure Messaging: Given the sensitive nature of legal matters, it’s paramount that all communications are secure. These services ensure that any messages relayed between the client and attorney are encrypted and confidential.
  7. Legal Terminology Proficiency: Unlike standard answering services, those specializing in legal assistance are proficient in legal terminology. This ensures that potential clients and other callers communicate effectively and get accurate information.
  8. Maintaining Confidentiality: This is perhaps the most crucial aspect. Given the sensitive information they handle, these services are trained and equipped to maintain strict client confidentiality, adhering to all legal standards and best practices.

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Understanding the vast array of functions that an attorney answering service performs can help law professionals appreciate its importance. By effectively bridging the gap between clients and attorneys, they play a pivotal role in enhancing client satisfaction and ensuring the smooth operation of a law practice.


Key Features to Consider When Choosing an Attorney Answering Service

Selecting the right attorney answering service is a critical decision, as it directly impacts the client experience and the efficiency of your law practice. Here’s a guide to the essential features you should consider when making your choice:

1. Expertise in Legal Matters

Your chosen service should have a team knowledgeable in legal jargon and procedures. This ensures that potential clients are greeted by someone who understands their concerns and can guide them appropriately.

2. 24/7 Availability

The legal realm is unpredictable, and clients might have pressing concerns outside of regular business hours. The service you choose should ideally offer round-the-clock support to cater to such needs.

3. Advanced Call Routing

Look for services that have smart call routing features. This ensures that urgent matters are directed promptly to the right attorney or department within the firm.

4. Customized Call Scripts

Every law firm is unique, and the way you want your calls handled may differ from others. The service should offer customizable call scripts to align with your firm’s tone and brand.

5. Multilingual Support

In today’s diverse world, your clients may speak various languages. Multilingual support can be invaluable in providing an inclusive and accessible service to all clients.

6. Secure Data Handling

Given the sensitive nature of legal work, ensure that the service uses encrypted communication channels and adheres to strict data privacy regulations.

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7. Comprehensive Reporting

Good answering services will provide detailed call reports, helping you analyze call volumes, client inquiries, and service performance.

8. Scalability

As your law practice grows, so will your client interactions. Choose a service that can scale up its offerings in line with your growth, ensuring consistent client experiences.

9. Integration with Current Systems

Your answering service should seamlessly integrate with your current CRM, scheduling tools, and other relevant software. This ensures smooth data transfer and reduces administrative hassles.

10. Positive Customer Reviews

Lastly, always check reviews and testimonials from other law firms. Real experiences can provide insights into the efficiency, reliability, and professionalism of the service.


Choosing an attorney answering service is about more than just handling calls; it’s about extending your firm’s professionalism and values to every interaction. By focusing on these key features, you can find a service that complements your practice and enhances client satisfaction.

Breaking Down the Cost of Attorney Answering Services

Understanding the cost structure of attorney answering services is essential for any law firm considering this option. It allows for a more informed decision, weighing the potential benefits against the investment. Here’s a detailed look at the financial aspects involved:

Average Cost of Attorney Answering Services:

The pricing model for attorney answering services can vary based on several factors, including the features offered, the volume of calls, and the level of specialization required. On average, however:

  • Per Minute Pricing: This is the most common pricing model. On average, services can charge anywhere from $0.75 to $1.50 per minute. This rate may seem nominal, but remember that it accumulates quickly, especially for larger firms with higher call volumes.
  • Monthly Subscription: Some services offer monthly packages, which can range from $150 for a basic package (with a limited number of minutes) to upwards of $1,000 for premium packages with a vast array of features.
  • Setup Fees: Some services might also charge an initial setup fee, which could range from $50 to $200, depending on the complexity of the system and the customizations required.

How Attorney Answering Service Works

Potential Cost Savings:

While there’s an evident expenditure associated with hiring an answering service, there are significant potential cost savings to consider:

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Employing full-time reception staff can be costly, especially when you factor in salaries, benefits, and training. With an answering service, you’re only paying for the time directly related to handling calls.
  • Increased Productivity: By offloading call handling to professionals, attorneys can focus on their core competencies, leading to faster case resolutions and more time for client consultations.
  • Enhanced Client Acquisition: Missed calls often mean missed opportunities. With a dedicated answering service, every potential client gets attended to, increasing the likelihood of securing their business.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Many answering services offer appointment scheduling, message relaying, and other administrative tasks. This reduces the need for administrative staff, translating to further cost savings.
  • Elimination of Overtime Costs: A 24/7 answering service ensures that you don’t have to pay overtime to in-house staff for after-hours or weekend coverage.

While there’s a direct cost associated with attorney answering services, the potential savings and benefits can quickly outweigh the investment. It’s essential to consider the broader financial picture, taking into account increased efficiency, enhanced client service, and potential business growth, when weighing the pros and cons of this service for your practice.

Top 10 Attorney Answering Services in 2023

Selecting an attorney answering service isn’t just about finding a cost-effective solution. The right choice should blend quality, expertise, and a keen understanding of the unique requirements of the legal industry. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 attorney answering services in 2023 that have distinguished themselves in these areas:

1. Legal Receptionists Inc.

Recognized for its specialized training in legal jargon and protocols, this service has become a favorite among large law firms for its ability to handle complex client interactions seamlessly.

2. JusticeCall Solutions

Known for its 24/7 availability and quick response times, JusticeCall has carved a niche for itself among attorneys handling criminal and emergency cases.

3. Attorney’s First Pick

Boasting customized call scripts and a personalized approach, this service offers an extension of a firm’s unique brand and values.

4. LawLine Answering

A market leader in providing multilingual support, LawLine caters to firms with a diverse clientele, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

5. LegalEase Communications

Prioritizing data security, LegalEase offers top-notch encrypted communication channels and stringent data privacy practices, making it a prime choice for attorneys handling sensitive cases.

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6. Barrister’s Call Center

Renowned for its advanced call routing feature, this service ensures that critical matters reach the right attorney without delay.

7. Counsel Connect

Offering a holistic package that includes appointment scheduling, message relaying, and more, Counsel Connect is ideal for solo practitioners and smaller firms looking for a comprehensive solution.

8. Advocate Assist

With its focus on training receptionists in specific legal areas, from family law to corporate litigation, Advocate Assist offers specialized support tailored to a firm’s area of expertise.

9. Legally Yours Call Service

This service stands out for its transparent pricing model and detailed call reports, enabling law firms to monitor and analyze their client interactions effectively.

10. Esquire Receptionists

Rounding off the list, Esquire offers a balance of affordability, professionalism, and efficiency, making it a popular choice among emerging law practices.


In selecting the right service for your law practice, always consider factors like past client reviews, specific features offered, and the unique requirements of your firm. These top ten options provide a starting point, but personal consultations and trials can help determine the best fit for your specific needs.

The Multifaceted Utility of Attorney Answering Services

In today’s fast-paced legal world, an attorney answering service isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity for law firms aiming for optimal efficiency. Not only does it ensure that no call goes unanswered, but it also offers tailored solutions to cater to diverse needs. Here’s how such services play an instrumental role across various legal sectors:

After-Hours Answering

The wheels of justice don’t stop turning after 5 p.m., and neither do client concerns. With after-hours answering, attorneys can ensure their clients are attended to even outside regular office hours. This feature is particularly beneficial for lawyers handling criminal cases where time-sensitive matters can arise at any hour.

Bankruptcy Law

In the realm of bankruptcy, clients are often under tremendous stress and seek immediate assistance. Missing a call could mean losing a client to another firm. A specialized answering service for bankruptcy attorneys ensures that client queries are promptly addressed, and urgent matters are escalated for immediate attention.

Personal Injury

In personal injury law, potential clients are often dealing with distressing situations, from medical emergencies to loss of income. A dedicated attorney answering service trained in personal injury law can provide empathetic and efficient responses, ensuring clients feel valued and understood from the very first interaction.

Questions That You Should Ask Before Signing Up For An Answering Service

General Practice

For general practice attorneys who handle a mix of cases, from real estate disputes to family law, a versatile answering service is key. Such services can field diverse queries, provide basic information, schedule consultations, and more, effectively becoming an extension of the law firm’s front office.

Estate Planning and Probate

Estate planning and probate law often involve intricate questions and emotional clients dealing with grief. An attorney answering service trained in this field can provide detailed information on common queries, set up appointments, and offer a compassionate ear to callers, fostering trust and building client relationships.

Family Law

Dealing with sensitive matters like divorce or child custody requires a delicate touch. A specialized answering service ensures that callers are met with understanding and discretion, helping to establish a rapport and comfort level even before the client meets the attorney.

Attorney answering services offer more than just call answering—they provide specialized support, ensuring that every client, irrespective of their concern, feels heard and valued. By leveraging these services, law firms can enhance their client interactions, increase client retention, and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency.


The Imperative of Not Missing a Call: The 24/7 Advantage

The legal world is one fraught with complexities, urgencies, and, quite often, emotional situations. In such an environment, the value of a call – be it from a prospective client, a witness, or even from another attorney – cannot be overstated. Every missed call could potentially translate into a missed opportunity or even a dent in the professional reputation of an attorney or law firm. Here’s why the 24/7 availability provided by attorney answering services is not just beneficial, but crucial:

The Trust Factor

For many clients, legal matters are deeply personal and can be anxiety-inducing. When they reach out to an attorney, they are seeking assurance, guidance, and oftentimes, relief from their immediate stress. A missed call, especially during a crisis, can lead to a loss of trust. However, with a 24/7 answering service, law firms can assure clients that they are always available, always listening, thereby fostering trust right from the outset.

Opportunity Costs

From a pure business perspective, each unanswered call could potentially mean a loss in terms of new clientele. Clients often don’t leave voicemails; they simply move on to the next available attorney. By ensuring constant availability through a dedicated answering service, law firms can capture more leads, enhance client acquisition rates, and ultimately bolster their bottom line.

Efficient Workflow Management

The legal world often isn’t confined to a 9 to 5 schedule. Important calls can come in at any time. Having a 24/7 answering service means that even outside of regular office hours, there’s a mechanism in place to categorize, prioritize, and if necessary, escalate urgent matters. This ensures a smooth workflow for the attorney, and crucial issues aren’t left unattended.

Building a Professional Image

An always-available demeanor communicates professionalism. By assuring clients and associates that their queries and concerns will always find a listening ear, irrespective of the hour, law firms can cultivate an image of being dedicated, reliable, and highly professional.

Crisis Management

Legal emergencies can arise unannounced. Whether it’s a client needing immediate counsel after an accident, a late-night breakthrough in a case requiring swift action, or an urgent need to reschedule a court hearing, an answering service can efficiently handle these emergencies, ensuring timely interventions and solutions.


While modern technology offers a plethora of communication tools, the good old-fashioned phone call retains its importance in the legal world. It offers immediacy, clarity, and personal touch. For law firms aiming for top-notch client service and optimal operational efficiency, investing in a 24/7 attorney answering service is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. By ensuring that every call is attended to, attorneys not only secure their business interests but also uphold the trust and faith clients place in them.

Attorney Answering Service Solutions

Enhanced Client Retention through Attorney Answering Services

A strong attorney-client relationship is built on various pillars: trust, prompt communication, availability, and a clear understanding of needs. While legal prowess is undeniably vital, the nuances of effective communication cannot be ignored. This is where attorney answering services play a pivotal role, ensuring that client relationships are nurtured and strengthened.

Avoiding Communication Gaps

At the core of most misunderstandings lies a lack of clear communication. When a client calls with a query, concern, or any sort of information, they expect a timely response. An attorney answering service fills this potential gap by ensuring every call is handled promptly, reducing the chances of misunderstandings and frustrations.

Personal Touch Matters

In today’s digital age, the significance of a personal touch is often underestimated. A personalized response, as opposed to an automated voice message, can make a world of difference to a client’s perception of a law firm. Attorney answering services typically train their personnel to handle calls with empathy, understanding, and professionalism, ensuring that the client feels valued.

Data Management and Retrieval

A good attorney answering service doesn’t just answer calls. They log important details, ensure messages reach the concerned attorney in real-time, and provide a streamlined process for data retrieval. This ensures that when an attorney returns a call, they are fully equipped with the necessary context, enhancing the quality of the conversation.

Multi-Lingual Support

With the increasing diversification of client bases, law firms often cater to clients from different linguistic backgrounds. Top-tier attorney answering services usually offer multi-lingual support, ensuring that language is never a barrier in crucial legal communications.

Feedback Mechanism

Continuous improvement is the key to success in any field, and legal practice is no exception. Many answering services provide avenues for clients to give feedback on their experience. This can be invaluable for law firms as they get insights directly from their clientele, helping them improve their services and address potential weak points.

While the primary function of an attorney answering service is to manage calls, its influence stretches far beyond that. It becomes a bridge between clients and attorneys, ensuring smooth communication, minimizing potential pain points, and significantly enhancing client retention rates. For law firms aiming to achieve both excellence in service and sustained growth, incorporating an efficient attorney answering service is a strategic move.


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