Think You Know How To Select the Best Lawyer? Find out Why 99% of Americans Have No Clue What They Really Should Look For

Most Americans think the way to find the best attorney for their case is by the guy spending the biggest bucks on television commercials or from their friends that swear they know the the best lawyer in the world. The fact is if you use those metrics when selecting an attorney you just might lose your case that flip your life upside down. In a perfect scenario you’d want to find out who the top 5-10 attorneys were that had the highest win rate before a specific judge, and yes, each judge matters a lot.

New technology allows you to access tools that pull records directly from local Courthouses so they can be easily analyzed to uncover valuable information. If possible you should search 2-3 courts at the same time and look for obvious trends of cases by lawyers in front of specific judges.

There are about 1.2 million lawyers in the US and over $300 billion is spent annually employing their services. If you want the best answering service for law offices we can help, but for the best attorney you should check out the infographic below for some real valuable knowledge about choosing the right attorney for your case.

What to Look For When Choosing an Attorney - Infographic

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