Lead Capture Phone Answering Servicea For Law Firms

How an Answering Service Captures Leads for Attorneys

A potential client calls your office with a big case. They’re stressed out, as many clients are when they go in search of a lawyer, and that stress makes them impatient. They call your number hoping for some help, and instead they get an answering machine or voicemail service. Maybe it’s after hours, maybe your call volume at that moment was simply greater than your in-house law office staff could handle, maybe your receptionist was busy in another part of the office and couldn’t make it to the phone on time.

The client doesn’t care why no one answered the phone, they just know you weren’t there when they needed you. They move on to the next lawyer on their list, and you’ve lost the lead and the case.

If this sounds like a problem your law practice might be facing on a regular basis, it’s time you considered the lead-capturing benefits of a professional attorney answering service.

Attorney Answering Service Prices

Attorney Answering Service Guarantee You’ll Never Lose a Lead

Making sure you have someone in your office to answer all calls as soon as they come in, no matter what time of day or what day of the week it is and no matter how many calls are coming in at once, is all but impossible. You’ll either have enormous expenses from an inefficient workforce that sits around idle much of the time, or an overworked staff that drops the ball time after time when the calls come in too fast.

An attorney answering service provides the full team of professional receptionists you need at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees. After-hours, during periods of high call volume, and 24/7 coverage are available, meaning every time a prospective client calls your practice they’ll be greeted quickly be a real human being ready to listen to their story, take down pertinent information, and get the lead to you ASAP so you can follow through.

Not only that, but an answering service for legal offices can actually help your law office more quickly convert leads into signed clients, and help you handle those clients more efficiently and effectively, too. From providing basic intake services that free up your staff’s time for more pressing tasks to scheduling appointments based on your and the caller’s availability, many of the non-legal details necessary for taking on a new client and case can be handled for you. When you sit down with your client for the first time, you’ll have all of the information you need to proceed effectively.

Impress Your Legal Clients and Your Law Office Staff with the Right Call Center Solution

Don’t let leads pass you by simply because of missed phone calls or improper intake procedures. Contact the right legal call center and you’ll see every potential lead converted to a paying client more quickly, more easily, and more affordably than you might have thought possible.

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