The Obvious Benefits of an Answering Service for Lawyers

Running a legal practice involves dealing with issues that are extremely critical, sometimes life changing, for your clients. No matter what area of law you practice, there is a very good chance that your clients’ lives can be dramatically changed as a result of the work that you do on their behalf. As a result, it is important to use every tool available to you in order to help make yourself the most effective advocate for your client, to make your client’s experience as low-stress as possible, and to maximize the use of your most precious resource: time. These combine to illustrate all the benefits using an answering service can offer to a lawyer.

First of all, everyone within a legal firm has a highly specialized set of skills, gained through large amounts of education. In many cases, even the receptionists have specialized training to prepare them for working in a law office, meaning that there are often better uses of everyone’s time than fielding every call that comes into the office. By using an answering service to take calls when times are busy, you screen out solicitation and other unhelpful calls, and ensure that important client calls are passed along promptly to the appropriate parties to deal with your clients’ concerns.

Second, whenever anyone is involved in a legal situation, it can be a cause of great concern and stress. You will keep your clients much happier if you can reduce that stress whenever possible. Certainly, if they are calling into your business and constantly being placed on hold or having to leave voicemail, those stress levels are going to rise instead of fall. On the other hand, if they can speak to a friendly human being from your lawyer answering service instead of to a machine, they will feel like their concerns are being heard, and that their reason for calling will be dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Finally, the reality of the legal world today is that no one has enough time. Long hours and relentless workloads are the norm for many lawyers, so why needlessly add to the work that you have to do? Using an answering service takes a simple responsibility out of the hands of you and your front-line staff and places it in the care of a very capable staff who are highly trained in taking calls, relaying messages, and ensuring that all questions, complaints and concerns are heard by the appropriate parties. This makes an answering service for lawyers a clear asset for anyone working in the legal field.

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