Ways A Live Answering Service Can Benefit An Attorney’s Office

Ways A Live Answering Service Can Benefit An Attorney’s Office

Not all calls are “business” calls. As an attorney, you may be handling a lot of calls on a daily basis with some calls being service-related while other calls being attempts to seek free legal advice from you. Your time is precious and so you may want to make sure that you receive calls that have the potential to translate into real business. By hiring an answering service, you can get the relevant calls forwarded to you so that you can save time, resources, and energy to focus on your clients.

Besides filtering your calls to make sure that you receive the right calls, your answering service staff can handle a wide variety of tasks including appointment scheduling and message delivery. Your answering service employee is not just your first line of defense against unwanted callers, but he/ she can also serve as your virtual secretary and schedule meetings and appointments. Your answering service staff can use your online calendar to schedule and confirm appointments and verify representation before your meeting, allowing you to stay updated about your schedule and adhere to it.

All of your transactions need to be documented and filed in an appropriate manner. While this may seem to be a highly-professional work approach, however, in realty, this involves a lot of work. And perhaps, you do not have that much of time to invest in filing. Your answering service may have employees who are not only smart at making and screening calls, but are also adept at preparing standardized reports. Normally, such employees will have high levels of proficiency in MS-Word, PowerPoint, or Excel and they can deliver reports in formats that you will prefer. All you need to do is to provide clear-cut instructions on delivery, format, and deadline and you do not need to do anything else.

Most importantly, your answering service staff will be available 24/7, which means that your existing clients as well as potential clients can reach you at any time of the day. Your answering service staff will convey your clients’ queries to you and you can get some time to understand them and suggest the next course of action.

But how can you identify an answering service provider that will address your specific requirements in the most appropriate manner? With several services offering similar packages in terms of service and price, it is really hard to make a decision. One way to identify a genuine answering service provider is to monitor its social channels. Does the service provider post regular updates on its social channels? Does it respond to its followers’ queries? How does it communicate with its followers? It is not possible to falsify social media interactions. If your service provider demonstrates care for the community, you are most likely to be in safe hands.

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