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4 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Lawyer Answering Service

If you want to improve your legal firm’s services, you must focus on communication. Here are the reasons your law firm needs a lawyer answering service.

Are you struggling to grow your client base? Do you feel like you have to be available all the time to answer calls after hours?

If your law office needs some extra help, you may not be able to hire another employee. Considering a lawyer answering service may be the way to go to fill your needs and budgetary limits.

Here are some great benefits to using an answering service for your law office.

1. Grow Your Business

There are two ways an answering service helps grow your business. The first is that you lose fewer clients. If they have someone who is answering the phone, they won’t hang up.

Potential clients will get some answers to their questions and they’ll be far more likely to hire you than if they have to wait for a callback.

The second reason an answering service helps you grow your business is that it helps you prioritize your time. Once you already know the details of each potential client, you can organize your tasks to make your job more efficient. Deciding who and when to call and consult with means you take control back of your time and resources.

2. Lawyer Answering Service Provides a Real Person

Clients don’t want to talk to an answering machine. Leaving a message means that they have no assurance anyone will hear their concerns or respond.

When you have a real person answer the phone, they can answer some client questions. Even if an attorney isn’t available, they can document their concerns.

If you make your calendar available, someone from an answering service can also schedule initial appointments with attorneys. Then clients will have a firm date to put in their calendar and look forward to.

Using an answering service is a way for your clients to feel seen and valued with 24-hour access to lawyers, even if you’re not there to help.

3. Great Value

The cost of answering services isn’t as much as you’d think. The value you get for the price is well worth it. Chances are with some creative planning, you’ll be able to find room in your budget for a handy tool like this.

It’s actually cheaper staffing when you compare what you pay your employees to what you pay an answering service. You have to have paralegals and other attorneys to handle a lot of the work in the office. Yet answering the phones is one thing you can definitely afford to outsource.

4. Staying Connected

You’ll be better able to stay connected to the office when you have an answering service. They will relay messages to you so that you don’t have to return to see messages or check email.

Sometimes logistics can get needlessly complicated when you’re responding to clients on court days or other times. With an answering service, most of the leg work is handled already.

Best Business Move

Hiring a lawyer answering service is one of the best business moves you could make. From the business growth you’ll experience to the value you get, the benefits above are solid evidence that your law office needs an answering service.

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