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5 Amazing Time Management Tips to Improve Your Lawyer Lifestyle

Having an efficient law practice and a good work/life balance doesn’t happen by accident. These amazing time management tips will improve your lawyer lifestyle.

Are you a lawyer that’s looking for ways to cut tedious tasks out of your day? Maybe you’re a law firm that wants to help their lawyers become more efficient with their time.

Time Management Tips

Either way, the need for effective time management skills is dire within the career of a lawyer. With so many different cases and clientele to oversee, it’s all about making the most of each day, by receiving more clients as well as taking care of the ones you already have.

Be sure to read these several tips on how to make better use of your time in your lawyer lifestyle.

1. Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest concerns that you have is finding continuous business for your practice. Once one case is done, it’s time to find another. In fact, the most successful lawyers are able to juggle several cases at once.

But where do they find their clientele from? How do they have the time to actively reach out to new prospects and generate leads? The answer might surprise you.

Instead of picking up the phone and making cold calls like the old days, lawyers these days are using search engine optimization (SEO) practices on their site. It allows them a passive way of generating organic traffic (and organic leads) for their business.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, SEO is when a company (such as a law firm) makes adjustments to its website to satisfy search engines like Google. In doing so, Google will reward you by pushing your pages further up their top search results.

Search engine optimization requires a combination of tactics such as keyword research, backlinking, and blogging in order to attract more people to your site.

For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, then you could start a blog on your website and write articles on it. Writing articles like “What to Do After a Car Crash” and “How to Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney” will draw qualified leads to your site.

2. Invest in an Attorney Answering Service

Okay, so you want to get more leads. You’ve started investing in marketing tactics to have more leads reaching out to you. But how can you make sure to answer when a new lead calls you?

It’s not like you can just take the call while working with another client. What if they call while you’re at the local court? Then you have no chance of picking up that call.

That’s why investing in an attorney answering service is so beneficial. It guarantees that you’ll never miss another call from a new lead ever again.

It doesn’t matter what time of day they reach out to you, the answering service is fully staffed every hour to answer your prospects’ questions and get their contact information into your hands.

They can even help you schedule appointments, take messages from the clients, and have the bilingual capacity to help your Spanish-speaking callers. A majority of your leads will reach out after you’ve clocked out… make sure you have someone to answer.

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3. Delegate Tasks Whenever Possible

While it’s true that your clients are paying for your hands-on service towards their case, that doesn’t mean you can’t have other people at the firm help you out. Delegating can ensure that each case is managed and prepared within the appropriate time window.

Doing things such as delegating documentation and paperwork to an intern can save you valuable time. All you need to do is sit down with them the first few times to make sure they’re using proper terminology and abiding by your preferences.

Delegate Work

After that, it’s as easy as them filling and replacing contact information and details of the case within the same documents. Think of different ways you can delegate aspects of your case to fill the plates of other people at your firm.

4. Categorize Your Time

You have several different cases that you’re working on with clientele, each of which deserves a bit of your time each day. How can you ensure that each case is getting the same amount of time each day? By categorizing your time windows.

For example, say you have 4 cases from 4 different clients that you’re currently working on. You can separate your 8-hour workday, using 2-hour windows to focus on each one.

You might consider giving a bit more attention to the case that’s coming up within the next few weeks/days. Make sure to keep a strict schedule, moving on to the next case after the time window is up.

5. Integrate More Apps

The world is changing and lawyers have more ways than ever to streamline some of their most tedious tasks. Doing so can help you cut out significant time throughout each business day.

There’s an app for everything. For example, you can use Clio to navigate your tasks and organize your day. You can use the Law Dictionary Offline app to find legal terms to use in your paperwork for the case.

Apps For Lawyers

No matter what need you have, there’s an app for that. They can turn your old-fashioned law firm into a modern firm that makes efficient use of its client’s time.

Streamline Your Lawyer Lifestyle with These Helpful Tips

Now that you know how to cut tedious tasks out of your lawyer lifestyle, it’s time to start integrating these tips.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how an attorney answering service can help your law firm.

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