Average Cost For Google Paid Search For Attorneys

According to a recent study (see below image) Attorneys spend as little as $8.37 and much as $151.09 for a single click on a Google paid search ad. Obviously it makes good business sense or they would not do it. These searches are going to be highly relevant and from people that are looking for legal services at that very moment. The fee is not the issue, but at $8 – $151 a click it is if potential clients click the ad and call while the attorney is in court or after hours. Why do call another law office? Because they want to talk with someone there and now about their case so they’ll just call another lawyer until a human answers the phone. Don’t waste your advertising money, for as little as 0.75 a call a live person will answer any call any time. For more information visit our answering service for attorneys page.

Cost for Paid search advertising on Google for Attorneys

Attorneys can also run paid search campaigns on Yahoo and Bing for considerably less money per click but many legal firms have suggested that the conversion rates are far less. Whatever you do, make it count. Get free quotes on Attorney Answering Services Now.

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