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Can A Live Answering Service Grow Your Law Firm?


Can your clients count on speaking to someone at any time of day when they call your law firm? You can save money and grow your firm by outsourcing your calls to a live answering service. Here’s what you need to know.

There are over 1.2 million attorneys in the United States working for thousands of qualified law firms all competing for a limited number of clients. Given that reality, how can your practice consistently service clients without sacrificing your productivity in other vital areas?

One of the best solutions to that question is working with a live answering service.

A live answering service enables you to reliably answer all incoming queries from prospective clients as well as give your current clients unrivaled levels of attention.

So, can a live answering service for your law office help your firm grow?

If you view giving clients world-class support as a factor in being successful (and you should), the answer is an overwhelming yes. Below, we go into specifics on some of the benefits call answering services offer that can help your legal practice explode.

attorney answering service operator1. 24/7 Access to Important Information

No matter how hard you and your legal team work, nobody can be reliably available to clients 24 hours a day seven days a week. During those hours that you’re not available, you could be losing money.

If a prospective client were to call your law firm in desperate need of information, they aren’t likely to award you their business if you send them to voicemail.

With a live answering service in your corner, you can be sure that a qualified professional will always be available to field calls and bring the most important ones to your attention no matter the time of day.

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2. No More Answering Machines

There’s nothing less personal than hearing, “We value your call, please leave a message after the beep.” An answering service leaves that faux pas in your law firm’s past.

Now, you can always be sure that anybody who contacts your firm will be immediately transferred to a live agent who is an excellent brand ambassador. That high availability and low wait time will translate into more happy customers.

3. Your Reputation will Skyrocket

How you handle your phone practices is integral to the way your customers perceive you. With an answering service, when your prospective or current client calls, they’ll be blown away by the high level of instant service they’ll get. That positive experience means clients can go online and share with others the level of service they received.

This sharing often takes place on review platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and others. The better reviews you have on those platforms, the more clients you’ll be able to acquire who frequent online review sites to make decisions on who they’re going to do business with.

4. Staff Flexibility

If your firm is working a big case or your internal call answering team is out due to illness or another event, the rest of your legal staff may need to help pick up the slack. That means pulling people away from the areas of your business that they’re most valuable to.

If you start working with a live answering service, that external team will be able to scale to your daily calling needs. That means you can be sure that you’ll have someone available to interface with clients if you’re getting 20 calls a day or 200 and nobody will need to cover other people’s responsibilities.

Savings5. Big Time Savings

Hiring an internal team to be able to handle high call volumes can be extremely costly to your firm. You’ll need to pay a person a salary, benefits, and offer up valuable office space for them to work in.

When you outsource your calls to an answering service, you get to save your office space, keep your benefits, and pay a rate that’s much lower than a standard salary when you consider productivity to cost ratios.

There’s no better way for a law firm to grow than by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Live answering services give you that opportunity.

6. Get Ahead of Competition

Given the competitiveness of the legal trade, it’s crucial to provide unparalleled levels of service. One of the best ways you can do this is by always having someone available to talk to people who are interested in or are currently working with your firm.

When you’re working with an answering service, any time your competition is away from their phones, you’ll have an advantage. You can be a beacon of light on a holiday weekend or a quiet Sunday to clients who are in desperate need of answers.

7. Better Time Management

Time is money which is why the better you can manage the time of yourself and the other qualified professionals on your team, the faster your law firm can grow. When you use an answering service, you can make sure that only people who are in need of specialized help take up your time.

People who need topical information will always get their questions happily answered by your answering service who act as gatekeepers against low priority questions.

Summary: Can a Live Answering Service Help Your Law Firm Grow?

A live answering service provides tremendous value to law firms. That value enables firms to maximize their time, the attention they give to current and prospective clients and get ahead of their competition.

Considering all of those excellent benefits, the answer to if an answering service can help a firm grow is a resounding yes! So, if you’re looking to take your firm to new heights, start looking for a reputable call answering partner today!

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