Social Media Statistics For Attorneys – Infographic Tells All

A 2015 study suggests that 35% of attorneys have obtained clients using social media. The same poll reported that 39% of lawyers also stated they obtained new clients from blogging. Get more facts like these in this 2015 infographic packed with data for lawyers using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Be it an attorney, roofer, of someone selling cookies, when it comes to gaining new customers from social media marketing it really doesn’t matter what line of work you are in. Study after study continually shows us that, when done properly, anyone can build a hefty customer base from their social media advertising – paid and free. For example, the cookie company Nilla Wafers had not grown in a decade and decided to put all of their marketing budget into social media to work with Vayner Media, and just one year later their business grew 9%.

Of course real success from social marketing is not just a matter of tweeting about Miley Cyrus or posting boring articles on LinkedIn. You have to do it right, it has to be interesting, and you have to offer real value. Nilla didnt just talk bout cookies. They marketed towards moms and  posted delicious deserts on Facebook that could be made with their product. This was a brilliant strategy, and resulted in lots of sales.

For more information on social media for lawyers check out the infographic below and share your story with our readers.

Social Media Facts For Attorneys in 2015 - Infographic

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