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Virtual Receptionists Make Attorney’s Lives Easier

If you’ve never used a virtual receptionist for law offices before, you might not have a clear vision of how such a service could benefit your firm. Even if you’ve heard some good reviews of these companies, sometimes it can be difficult to picture them in action unless you have first hand experience. It’s also easy to get caught up in the list of potential drawbacks, like increased costs or decreased relationship management with your clients. However, an attorney answering service can actually save you money, and help you strengthen bonds with your clientele.

Consider the following ways that a virtual receptionist could help you transform your practice.

  1. Encouraging Clients to Return and Positive Word-of-Mouth Marketing

One thing that virtual receptionists are excellent at is keeping your clients happy during all of their interactions with your firm. Talking to a real person who cares about their issues can reassure a client, and customer service is one of the primary reasons that clients return to a firm, or mention a firm to friends or colleagues looking for legal assistance. Instead of pouring money into marketing campaigns that may or may not work, invest in a virtual receptionist to help retain and attract clients.

  1. Virtual Receptionists Understand Confidentiality

Confidentiality must be protected at all times in the relationship between a client and an attorney. However, every time you turn over administrative or receptionist staff, you are faced again with the burden of ensuring confidentiality and adequately training new staff in how to strictly protect your client’s confidential information. A trained virtual receptionist, on the other hand, will already follow best practices to put your client’s minds at ease by protecting all confidential information. Clients who are confident that their information is being protected will also help bolster a firm’s reputation through word-of-mouth.

  1. Accurate Message Relaying

When messages are incorrectly given to attorneys at your firm, or when they’re not given at all, you can be sure that irate customers will result. Legal issues are never without their stresses, and your clients are already dealing with the stress of their legal problem, without having to worry about messages getting lost or miscommunications. A virtual receptionist makes sure that all your clients’ messages are accurately communicated to the appropriate parties in a timely fashion.

  1. Cost Reductions

The cost of full time staff to relay messages is much higher than that of a virtual receptionist service. When you pay full time staff, you have to pay for many more man-hours than you actually utilize, not to mention the associated overhead costs such as equipment and training. Virtual receptionists cut these extra costs out of the equation, and leave you paying for only the services you actually utilize.

  1. Connect Your Clients to Real People

When a client is in the thick of a legal matter, talking to a live person helps calm them down, and makes them feel like their concerns are being addressed. If you consistently leave them having to wade through automated messaging systems, or are sending them straight to voicemail, you can be guaranteed they are not as satisfied as they could be. With a dedicated answering service, you can ensure that each caller gets the human touch.

Saving money and improving customer services are things that every business should be concerned with. Your law firm could be enjoying these same benefits by looking into a legal answering service.

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