Addressing the Challenges of Success With an Answering Service

Growth is something that most companies are striving for constantly. However, sometimes we’re unprepared for the challenges that unprecedented success may result in. As we relentlessly pursue more clients and higher sales, we start to find that there are stumbling blocks we may not have anticipated.

For instance, if you have a month of record sales, but your staff that processes orders are already swamped, how will the new incoming sales affect their productivity. Will follow-ups drop off when everyone is scrambling to accommodate the new sales? How will supporting a larger customer base affect your support team? If you haven’t thought through these kinds of questions, you could find yourself in for a bit of an unpleasant surprise when you find the “success” that you’ve been struggling to achieve.

Attacking the Challenges of Your Virtual Receptionist The Wrong Way

There are many ways that businesses attempt to deal with these types of scenarios when they appear, and many of them are fraught with their own problems. One very common solution is that they start to spread certain tasks out to other members of the team in order to ensure that the workloads are being addressed. However, once you start having sales team members focussing on customer support or engineers focussing on troubleshooting when they should be working on pipeline development, you start to run into a problem. You’re diluting the effectiveness of your team as a whole in order to meet the present needs. The time you’re taking away from what should be your team member’s primary areas of focus will hurt you down the road.

The other way that companies try to address this is by hiring. This also isn’t the greatest option, because of the cost involved with putting together a dedicated customer service team. Training a staff, providing the space for them to work, and then paying their salaries can essentially destroy any of the profit that you’ve generated through your newfound success. This is especially true of smaller and mid-sized businesses that just don’t have the profit margin to afford a dedicated support team.

Answering Services Can Provide the Solution

The use of hiring a live answering service can really provide the balance that a company looks for when presented with this type of scenario. First, it addresses the problem of not having enough people to complete the basic tasks of filling orders and taking customer questions. However, it does so for a tiny percentage of the price it would cost to install a dedicated team of your own.

Professional live call answering services are ready to adapt to the needs of any type of company in any industry. They can pick up the overflow your business may be experiencing due to success, but leave your financial and human resources free to continue contributing to the ongoing growth of your company.

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