Secure Messages For Attorneys

Improve Customer Service At Your Law Office With Secure Messaging

With a cell phone in nearly every pocket across the country, instant messaging has rapidly become one of the most ubiquitous ways that we communicate. However, in a wide variety of industries, the need to protect critical or confidential information makes standard messaging platforms impractical. In certain scenarios, like in the medical industry, sending information through text messaging means you are out of compliance with regulations designed to protect patient’s confidential information. Many other industries face similar, if less regulated, needs to protect information.

There are a number of reasons to favour instant messaging as a means of communication within your organization. Not the least of these is the sheer proliferation of cell phones these days. Almost every professional has one, and is usually dedicated to checking it frequently. This leads to faster communication and decision-making in many scenarios. However, security and regulatory compliance is an issue that can clearly not be overlooked.

We understand that when you use an answering service for a law office that you want to get your messages delivered in the most expedient, user-friendly manner possible. For most people, that brings to mind some form of text messaging platform. However, native applications are not secure or regulatory adherent, so the use of a custom solution is needed to meet your needs, and your obligations towards the privacy of your patients.

Secure messaging systems for attorneys can keep you in compliance with the law, but also open up a world of efficiencies in your practice. You help speed up all communication, getting results and making decisions more quickly. You can protect all of the practice’s confidential information. It also allows quick collaboration with other members of a patient’s health care team so you can collaborate in a quick and secure fashion to reach decisions. You can also include outside agencies in the network so if you need to securely transmit patient information or recommendations to third parties on a regular basis, you can do so with ease.

An answering service’s primary function for lawyers is to ensure that when someone calls into your business, their concerns are heard and addressed as fast as possible by the appropriate people. This keeps your patients happy and healthy, and your business running smoothly. Integrating a secure messaging platform into the way your answering service operates can bring your practice fully into the 21st century, enjoying the benefits of near instantaneous communication without every sacrificing the integrity of how you manage your patient information.

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