What to Look For in a Virtual Receptionist for Lawyers

One of the simplest and most affordable thing an attorney’s office can do is partner with a team of virtual receptionists to handle their inbound calls. This can free up space in your office, help keep your schedule more streamlined and better organized, and keep your staff’s valuable time free for more essential tasks that require their expertise.

That doesn’t mean all attorney answering services, are equal, though. If you want to get all the benefits of added efficiency and cost savings that a virtual receptionist team can provide your firm, here are a few things to look for.

Custom Greetings and Scripts that Identify Your Law Firm

You don’t want your current and potential clients greeted with a generic, impersonal response. Make sure the virtual receptionist service you partner with offers customized greetings based on the dialed number, identifying your firm right away and giving each caller a personal touch that will let them know they’re being taken care of as best as possible.

An Inbound Calling Plan that Works for Your Attorneys’ Needs

From available hours to call volume flexibility, you need an inbound calling plan that fits your office’s needs. Are you looking for a 24/7 answering service that can keep potential clients flowing to your lawyers whether or not the office is open? Overflow only calling during business hours, to take over when your call volume spikes to high? A basic plan with a set number of calls and on-phone minutes to handle your typical load, or a flexible plan that adjusts as your inbound call volume changes?

Find a plan that fits your needs—a good virtual receptionist team works with lawyers and law firms of all sizes to craft a plan that works for them.

Knowing What to Say—and What Not to Say—Matters

Inbound calling services for lawyers require special training and expertise on the part of the virtual receptionists staffing the phones. The ability to skillfully give callers the comfort and basic information they need without dispensing legal advice isn’t something all receptionists can do. Your virtual receptionist team should specialize in providing legal answering services, and should have a track record of helping law firms run more smoothly and more successfully.

Don’t just hire the first company you find. Check them out and make sure they can deliver exactly what you need. Your answering service should be an asset to your law office, not a liability.

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