Virtual Receptionist For Attorney Firms

5 Reasons Every Attorney Needs a Virtual Receptionist

You’ve heard colleagues and competitors rave about the use of virtual receptionists like those offered by 24×7 Attorney Answering Service, but you’ve been on the fence. It seems like a big leap, and you’re not really clear on how an answering service will benefit your law firm. You might think of using a dedicated call center as an unnecessary expense or an easy way to alienate clients, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re an attorney in a small to mid-sized practice, you need a virtual receptionist. Here are five reasons why.

Answering Services Protect Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Many law firms see unfortunately high rates of turnover in their in-house receptionists, especially during periods of expansion and change. This can lead to confidentiality concerns on the part of clients, and whether such concerns are legitimate or entirely unfounded they can damage your reputation and your revenue streams. A reliable team of virtual receptionists will keep all information completely confidential, and neither you nor your clients will have any cause to worry.

Keeps Your Law Practice Overhead Affordable

Full-time staff is expensive, not just in terms of wages and salary but in all the costs associated with employment. Hiring an off-site answering service means you only pay for the time your virtual receptionists actually spend on the phone, which can add up to big savings for your practice and more profitability for your partners.

Answer Client Calls Consistently

When your legal clients call your office, they’re likely experiencing some sort of distress or dealing with a complex and often frustrating ordeal. You don’t want to add to their stress by letting the phone ring endlessly, forcing them to deal with an automated system, or transferring them to voicemail. With a dedicated attorney answering service, every call to your office will be answered promptly, pleasantly, and professionally, putting your clients at complete ease.

Maintain Informational Accuracy with Every Call Answered

No more misplaced notes, forgotten memos, or mistaken entries. With a comprehensive data entry system and fully-trained virtual receptionists who make it their business to ensure accuracy, you can be confident that you’re always working with correct and current information updated the instant it comes in.

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Virtual Receptionists For Attorneys Earn Client Referrals and Repeat Legal Business

All of these other benefits add up to the big one: more satisfied client who will refer their friends and family, and who will keep coming back to your practice. The cost of acquiring a new client can be considerable, and can cause a major drain on your firm’s resources. An answering service improves your efficiency in handling current clients, keeps them coming back, and helps you attract new business without even trying.

With the ability to cut costs and improve service at the same time, it should be clear why so many in the legal profession are turning to attorney answering services. If you’re still not convinced, give us a call and learn more about what we can do for your firm.

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