Virtual Receptionist For Lawyers | Don’t Trust Your Business To Voicemail

Voice MailAs an attorney you probably realize it’s important to have a live person to answer calls during off hours.  We work together to help get every call answered on a budget that makes good economical sense.

Lawyers should be available to their clients 24/7/365. Are you? Let’s see if a virtual receptionist service or answering service meets your clients’ needs.

Being in the legal field is a demanding job. Someone almost always needs your services 24 hours a day. When in a bind they rarely stop to think that the attorney may be spending time with his/her family.

Although lawyers value their personal time, they also don’t want to lose a potential client simply because they were unavailable. So what is the solution?

In today’s technologically driven world, having a virtual receptionist service is the answer. You can be sure that a qualified professional will always catch your calls when you are unavailable.

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Your Calls are Always Answered

Whether you’re in court or at the dinner table you can rest assured that your calls are being answered. The virtual answering service staffs qualified individuals that are available to take over when your receptionist is at lunch, in a meeting, or logged out for the day.

Clients do not have to know they are speaking to a virtual receptionist service. The virtual receptionist will follow a customized script provided by your firm. Callers will only know they are speaking to someone outside your office if you tell them.

For lawyers in private practice, a live virtual receptionist can handle all your needs, eliminating the need for a full time receptionist. This can free up your administrative assistant for other role-specific duties.

The cost savings on the salary and benefits on one employee will more than pay for the service.

The Live Virtual Receptionist Service is Available 24/7

24-7 Phone Answering Sevice For Law OfficesThe main reason an attorney would look into utilizing a telephone answering service is to have someone available to take calls at all hours. This is essential for personal injury and criminal defense lawyers.

This type of attorney markets their firm as being available day or night. Being able to live up to the promise is crucial to their success. Chances are if someone doesn’t answer the potential caller will try the next lawyer making the same promise.

A live virtual receptionist service can take down the pertinent information and assure the caller someone will get back to them as soon as possible. The service will then relay the message to the lawyer based on their account set-up.

Upon receiving the message, the lawyer can choose to return the call immediately or wait for a more convenient time.

Choose a Service Specializing in Law Offices

Choosing an answering service that specializes in the legal industry is crucial. The staff will be trained to cover calls coming from multiple areas of law. So whether your firm specializes in family law, bankruptcy, criminal or personal injury, the receptionist will be ready.

With their level of expertise, the live virtual receptionist will be able to field numerous questions and provide the proper response.

It goes a long way in maintaining the professionalism and integrity of your brand. Callers will never know they are speaking to someone outside your firm. Believing they are talking to an actual employee gives the caller a sense of security and confidence in the level of service they will receive.

Specify the Services You Need

Remote Receptionist For Attorney OfficeEach law firm is different so are their needs. This is why tailored services are important. Live answering services can be designed for the law firm, or catered to the individual lawyers with the firm.

In addition to around the clock answering and training in accepting calls related to the legal field, services should also include call recording.

With call recording, the service will record all calls. This is a great way for attorneys to monitor the level of service being provided. They can also go back and listen to specific calls to get a better understanding of what the caller needs.

There may be times when an attorney needs to access information from calls to handle a client’s complaint. In these instances, the call can be reviewed and the attorney can address the problem with accurate information.

Another valuable asset is having the capability to add bilingual services. Your Spanish speaking callers will have the option to request bilingual assistance.

It’s Affordable

For purposes of answering the phone, having an office receptionist on duty 24 hours a day and weekends can cost a fortune. Losing potential business because a competitor offers live answering services can also be costly. The return on investment for going with a virtual receptionist service is undeniable.

You can tailor your plan to suit your budget. Most services offer an a la carte menu so your firm is not stuck paying for services you do not need. There is also the option of adding and removing services until you get the right fit.

Some companies will also offer month-to-month services so lawyers can avoid long-term contracts.

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Great for Screening Calls

Attorneys are busy people and so are the employees in their firm. Wasting time on nuisance calls can impact productivity. Part of having a remote live answering service is not having to deal with the distraction.

Calls are screened and calls from telemarketers and spammers never have to reach your desk. It is also a good way to avoid repetitive calls from anxious clients.

Sort through messages at your convenience and return the legitimate ones.

Stop Worrying about Missed Calls?

Take the worry out of missed calls. Give the virtual receptionist service a try. Rest assured that a professional receptionist will greet your customers and respond to their needs based on your criteria.

If you are ready to set up your services or need to learn more, get up to five  FREE answering service quotes today.


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