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Best Known Lawyers in the United States

Most Famous Attorneys in the United States Who are the most well-known lawyers in the world? Since the founding of the United States, lawyers have often found that their unique skill sets are well suited to many different ventures. From those who mix entrepreneurship with politics, to

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What is The Price For Attorney Answering Services?

How Much Does an Answering Service For Attorneys Cost? If you operate a law firm and need to hire a professional attorney answering service you should plan to invest approximately $35 a week to have all of your calls handled. Of course this depends on your practices

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Cost for Pay Per Click Attorney Advertising

Average Cost For Google Paid Search For Attorneys According to a recent study (see below image) Attorneys spend as little as $8.37 and much as $151.09 for a single click on a Google paid search ad. Obviously it makes good business sense or they would not do

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Marketing Trends For Law Firms

Attorney Advertising Trends in 2014 There once was a time for attorneys could just place one ad in the yellow pages and be done. Long gone are those days. Advertising trends for attorneys has drastically changed over the last few years and now more than ever law

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